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Petro Equips have successfully fish out approximately 1,710 metre of 5/16” Wire and 13 metre of Perforation Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) consist of 1-3/8” OTA Cable Head + 1-11/16” GR/ CCL + 2-7/8” Firing Head Assembly + 3.38” Fly Wheel + 2-7/8” x 11’ Sinker Bar (lead filled gun) + 3.38” Fly Wheel + Bull Plug using Petro Equips’s Heavy Duty 5/16” Braided Line Fishing Service Package.

Petro Equips have successfully fish out 0.52” ELine Cable using Petro Equips’s Heavy Duty 5/16” Braided Line Service Package.

About Petro Equips

Petro-Equips (PE) is an integrated well intervention, specialist service providor head quartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. PE has subsidiary companies and branch offices in Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand. PE has strategically located operating bases at Kemaman Supply Base (KSB), Terengganu and PKDFZ providing high quality contract and call out services to both small and large organizations both operators and fellow service providers.


PE was established in October 2003, owned and managed by experienced well intervention experts in line with our customer's demands for a more resonsive, and more personalized and professional sales and services provider.

PE has succeeded through a strong belief in team effort. Our management and operating staff have strong backgrounds in Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing Services, Slickline Services, Completion and Flow Control Products, and Micro-Coil Services. They are among the most dedicated you will find in the industry, and we depend on one another and interact with one another to accomplish our main goal, which is to be able to meet and surpass the most rigorous customers requirements in a safe an accurate fashion.

Petro-Equips emphasizes safety awareness and technical competence under an ISO 9001 quality controlled framework in an effort to provide service standards that excel, by our experienced and highly qualified management and staff and dedicated specialists.

It is our current intention provide total solutions for the oil and gas industry in the South East Asian Region to include:

  • Ultra Heavy Duty WireLine Fishing Services
  • Braided line swabbing services.
  • Slickline Services
  • Wireline tools, PCE and equipment rental services
  • E-Line Services
  • Downhole Camera Services
  • MPLT / Caliper / Magnetic thickness services.
  • Retrievable Bridge
  • Micro-Coild services

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