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Petro Equips have successfully fish out approximately 1,710 metre of 5/16” Wire and 13 metre of Perforation Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) consist of 1-3/8” OTA Cable Head + 1-11/16” GR/ CCL + 2-7/8” Firing Head Assembly + 3.38” Fly Wheel + 2-7/8” x 11’ Sinker Bar (lead filled gun) + 3.38” Fly Wheel + Bull Plug using Petro Equips’s Heavy Duty 5/16” Braided Line Fishing Service Package.

Petro Equips have successfully fish out 0.52” ELine Cable using Petro Equips’s Heavy Duty 5/16” Braided Line Service Package.



Petro-Equips is an integrated well intervention provider headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, with strategically located project at Kemaman  (KSB West Malaysia), Labuan (East Malaysia) and Port Klang DFZ that can effectively support our clients regionally. Petro-Equips was incorporated in October, 2003 backed by experienced professionals from the intervention industry. We have expanded well beyond our roots but have kept alive our strong belief in team work encompassing both our organisation and our customers
We specialize in Ultra Heavy Duty WireLine Fishing Services, Slickline Services, E-Line Services, Downhole Camera Services, Swabbing Service using Braided Line, Rental of Wireline Equipments, Wireline High End Specialist Tools and Retrievable Bridge Plug, Service Personnel Wireline Crew, Fishing Specialist etc and also provision of Drilling and Well Services Personnel.




  • To provide timely, diversified, cost effective services to our customers in the South East Asia region.
  • To remain committed to expanding our range of services and expertise.
  • Our team of experts and industry leaders will provide efficient and high quality service solutions that will be instrumental in meeting customer needs.
  • We will do this in a safe fashion managed under an ISO 9001 quality system.




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