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Petro Equips have successfully fish out approximately 1,710 metre of 5/16” Wire and 13 metre of Perforation Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) consist of 1-3/8” OTA Cable Head + 1-11/16” GR/ CCL + 2-7/8” Firing Head Assembly + 3.38” Fly Wheel + 2-7/8” x 11’ Sinker Bar (lead filled gun) + 3.38” Fly Wheel + Bull Plug using Petro Equips’s Heavy Duty 5/16” Braided Line Fishing Service Package.

Petro Equips have successfully fish out 0.52” ELine Cable using Petro Equips’s Heavy Duty 5/16” Braided Line Service Package.

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Equipments  Equipments : Pressure Control Equipment  Equipments

Pressure Control Equipment - Wireline BOP, Riser, Lubricator, Crossovers , Grease Injection Head c/w Hydraulic Cable Cutter , Grease Head Injection Skid Pumps
Equipments  Equipments : Wireline Units & Power Pack  Equipments

Wireline Units & Power Pack - Heavy Duty Fishing Services 5/16"
Equipments  Equipments : Wireline Mast  Equipments

Wireline Mast - Heavy Duty, highly impact, easily transported, Hydraulic operated Telescopic Mast
Equipments  Equipments : Downhole Memory Camera MK II  Equipments

The Downhole Memory Camera enables operators to deploy a camera system via Slickline in a cost effective manner.
Services  Services : Heavy Duty Wireline Fishing  Services

Heavy Duty Wireline Fishing

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